ceritanya ituuuu

Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what’s up bro!
So yesterday I was paticipated in opening Highscope MUN its so a great event~just opening and I feel excited to be part of this event but here I’m feel uncomfort,little, but it distrubing me~
Everyone there make english as mother language as well~(?)
Everyone there usual use english in their school so use english is easy one to everyone there, except me 😦
There must wear formal suit and you imagine many handsome man there but nothing there make me interest, I have my only one hahhahahahhahaha
Oke mun it is model united nation, I’m here representing country and my group country is iraq!!!! And my committe is UNIFEM, is UN for women, it will be hard to representing iraq in unifem because we all know iraq have a rules and the rules in other people’s mind not support women, wish me luck okay~
Udah ya make bhs ing nya pasti grammar nya amat2 sangat berantakan hahahhaha ya pastilah dari yang awal gue bilang kan emg gue gabisa bhs ing hahahhahaha
Please pray for me~semoga gue bisa representing iraq dengan baik~
Dan position paper gue diterima,resolution gue juga diterimaa amiin
Its first experience to me._.
Jadi ga tertuju ke menang atau ga, cuma mencari pengalamaan, doain yaaaa
Night all 😀


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